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1.            is the promotional tool of marketing which is the act of persuading another to respond favourably to a product, service or idea.

(a)          Personal selling                 (b) Advertising

(c) Sales Promotion                         (d) Publicity

Ans: (a) Personal selling

2.            “Availability and affordability of the product were considered to be the key to success of a firm”. Which marketing philosophy is emphasise on the above mentioned line?

(a)          Product concept               (b) Selling concept

(c) Marketing concept                   (d) Production Concept

Ans: (d) Production Concept

3.            Which function of Marketing considers cost and location of target market?

(a)          Order processing             (b)          Market planning

(c)           Transportation                  (d)          Gathering and analyzing market information

Ans: (c) Transportation

4.            Which statement is not related to product?

(a)          It is not only the physical product but also the benefits offered by it.

(b)          It also include what is offered to the customers by way of after sales services.

(c)           It includes only the tangible products.

(d)          It includes handling complaints and availability of spare parts.

Ans: (c) It includes only the tangible products.

5.            Public relations must be used .........

(a)          When a controversial news has been published in a newspaper

(b)          When an NGO publishes something unethical being done by the company

(c)           When a company’s sales is going down

(d)          To maintain goodwill and smooth functioning of a business

Ans: (d)                To maintain goodwill and smooth functioning of a business

6.            A good salesman must be

(a)          An intelligent person, with foresight and presence of mind

(b)          Able to meet many customers in one day

(c)           Very handsome and good looking

(d)          Able to sell as much as possible

 6. (a) An intelligent person, with foresight and presence of mind

7.            “Titan” the name for watches manufactured by the Tata Company is:

(a)          It’s generic name

(b)          It’s trade mark, since it is legally protected

(c)           It’s brand mark, which can be recognized

(d)          The brand name, the part that is spoken

Ans: (d)                The brand name, the part that is spoken

8.            Tata has recently launched its new product line of spices, the brand ambassador being Sanjeev Kapoor, the renowned chef who has developed unique recipes for such spices. Identify which advantage of branding will accrue to the company due to this.

(a)          Customer support services

(b)          Ensure quality

(c)           Status symbol

(d)          All of the above

Ans: (a) Customer support services

9.            Superb Skin Care Ltd, a leading brand of skin care products has come up with a new range of anti-ageing skin cream which they claim is 100% herbal and without any side effects.

They have also set up a website to encourage consumers to ask queries and the company responds to them very quickly. It is used as a way to connect with the customers and it has also proved to be a brilliant tactic for busting out some myths about the product. It has also created transparency and makes the consumers feel personally involved with the company. Identify the function of marketing identified in the above case.

(a)          Marketing research        (b) Customer support services

(c) Market planning                        (d) None of the above.

Ans: (b)                Customer support services

10.          Which channel of distribution is most expensive for the marketeer?

(a)          One-level                            (b) Two-level

(c) Three-level                                  (d) Zero-level

Ans: (d) Zero-level

11.          Match the marketing philosophies against their respective focus:

Marketing Philosophy    Focus

A.            Production Concept        1. Persuading buyer to purchase

B.            Product Concept              2. Customer Needs

C.            Selling Concept 3. Quality of the Product

D.            Marketing Concept         4. Quantity of Product

Choose the correct option:

(a) A–1, B–2, C–3, D–4                                   (b) A–4, B–3, C–1, D–2

(c) A–3, B–4, C–1, D–2                                   (d) A–1, B–2, C–3, D–4

Ans: (b)                A–4, B–3, C–1, D–2

12.          Puma, a shoe making company sells its products through its own website, this method of selling comes under which level of distribution?

(a)          zero level channel           (b) one level channel

(c)           two level channel            (d) three level channel

 Ans: (a) zero level channel

13.          Which of the following is not a main component of Product Mix?

(a)          Branding              (b) Packaging

(c) Labelling                        (d) Pricing

Ans: (d)                Pricing

14.          The term ‘Public Relations’ refers to

(a)          Conducting variety of programmes designed to promote or protect a company’s image and its individual products.

(b)          Favorable non-paid news presented in the mass media about a product or service.

(c)           Short term incentives designed to encourage the buyers to make immediate purchase of a product or service.

(d)          Impersonal form of communication which is paid for the marketers to promote some goods or service.

Ans: (a)

15.          Which of the following statement is true about “Advertising”?

(a)          It does not enhance consumer satisfaction.

(b)          It does not have a mass reach.

(c)           It adds to cost of product.

(d)          It is not a flexible tool of promotion.

Ans: (a) It does not enhance consumer satisfaction.

16.          An online shopping company, ‘e-bay’ sells its products by using which level

channel of distribution?

(a) Zero level                     (b) One level

(c) Two level                      (d) Three level

Ans: (a) Zero level

17.          In order to delight customers the companies are creating newer mobile phones with improved technology but are not concentrating on how to dispose of the electronic waste that is generated due to rapid obsolescence of older phones. Which marketing philosophy are they neglecting?

(a)          Marketing Concept                         (b) Selling Concept

(c) Societal Concept                                        (d) Product Concept

Ans: (c) Societal Concept