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1. As an a Germath of Gurugam’s Ryan International School incident of a 7-year-old child being found murdered in the washroom, various agencies swung into action by sending circulars, advisories and directives to schools to ensure safety of children, in order to ensure that such incidents do not reccur in future. The measures included police verification of the staff, appointment of female conductors in the school buses, assigning women sweepers for girls’ washrooms, reminders about safety norms, self- defence trainings for children, strict screening of visitors to the school, adequate number of CCTV cameras and their maintenance, proper conduct of PTA meetings, guidelines for routine security and safety audit of schools, and many more suggested by local administration, education department and police stations. Such measures constitute an important step in the controlling process. Identify the step.

(a) Comparing actual performance with standards

(b) Taking corrective actions

(c) Measurement of actual performance

(d) Setting performance standards

Ans:       (b) Taking corrective actions

2. All the deviations cannot be controlled so manager must know which deviation in key areas must be attended urgently as compared to deviation in non key area. Which way of analyzing deviation is mentioned?

(a) Management by exception    (b) Critical Point Control

(c) Core Control                                                (d) Strategic Control analysis

Ans:      (b) Critical Point Control

3. In Rajan Private Limited, a production target of 35,000 units was set for one month. It was achieved much before time and the actual production was 38,000 units. Does the manager need to take any action?

(a) Yes, as the employees are demanding reward from the company.

(b) Yes, management should take actions frequently.

(c) No, as plans have been implemented successfully.

(d) Yes, as target need to be revised to make them challenging.

Ans:       (d) Yes, as target need to be revised to make them challeng

4. Critical Point Control means ......... .

(a) Report about each deviation to top management

(b) No need to control

(c) Focus on key result areas

(d) Control everything

Ans:       (c) Focus on key result areas

5. Now a days Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is used in organizations as a means to control on wrong behavior and to prevent the gossip. Which point of importance of control does this illustrate ?

(a) Accomplishing organizational goals.

(b) Making efficient use of resources.

(c) Improving employee motivation

(d) Ensuring order and discipline

Ans        (d) Ensuring order and discipline

6. Controlling function of an organization is:

(a) Both Forward and backward looking

(b) Forward looking

(c) Backward looking

(d) Upward looking

Ans:       (a) Both Forward and backward looking

7. While scrutinizing the production records, it is found that in a particular batch the rejection rate was 5% against the set standard of 2%. The management found out that this was due to negligence of quality control staff. This action is part of which step in the controlling process:

(a) Measurement of actual performance.

(b) Comparing actual performance with standards.

(c) Analyzing deviations

(d)Taking corrective action.

Ans:       (c) Analyzing deviations

8. Arrange the following steps of controlling process in correct sequence:

1. Comparison of actual performance with standards.

2. Establishing the standards

3. Measuring performance

4. Analyzing deviations

5. Taking corrective action Choose from the following options:

(a) 1, 4, 3, 2, 5                    (b) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

(c) 2, 3, 5, 4, 1                     (d) 2, 3, 1, 4, 5

Ans:       (d) 2, 3, 1, 4, 5


9. Which of the following is NOT a correct limitation of controlling:

(a) Difficulty in setting up quantitative standards.

(b) Little control on external factors.

(c) All employees welcome it.

(d) Costly affair

Ans:       (c) All employees welcome it.

10. An Import Export Company was able to track dishonest employees by using computer monitoring as part of their control system. What importance of controlling does this example highlight?

(a) Accomplishing Organizational Goals.

(b) Making efficient use of resources.

(c) Improving employee motivation.

(d) Ensuring order and discipline.

Ans:       (d) Ensuring order and discipline.

11. Which of the following statements is not true?

(a) Planning based on facts makes controlling easier and effective.

(b) Controlling is looking forward while planning is looking back.

(c) Controlling improves future planning by providing information derived from past experience.

(d) Controlling and planning are related.

Ans:       (b) Controlling is looking forward while planning is looking back.

12. Match the step in process of control in column I with its example in Column II:

Column I              Column II

(Step in control Process)               (Example of Control Process)

  1. Setting Performance Standards (i) Output was 3 units as against 5 units planned.

B.            Measurement of actual (ii) Responsibility was fixed on Production performance               


C.            Comparison of actual     (iii) 5 units of Output was 3 unit performance with standards

D             Analysing Deviations.                                     (iv) Output was 3 unit

E.            Taking Corrective Action               (v) Problem in assembly line of product was notice for

less output

Select from the following options:

(a) A-(v); B-(i); C-(iv); D-(ii); E-(iii)

(b) A-(iii); B-(iv); C-(v); D-(i); E-(ii)

(c) A-(iii); B-(iv); C-(i); D-(ii); E-(v)

(d) A-(iii); B-(iv); C-(i); D-(v); E-(ii)

Ans:       (d) A-(iii); B-(iv); C-(i); D-(v); E-(ii)