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ICO Results 2023-2024

School Result Student Result

1.            Which source(s) of recruitment should a company use in case its permanent workers are temporarily absent?

(i)            Direct Recruitment          (ii) Placement Agencies

(iii) Advertising                                  (iv) Labour Contractors

(v) Web Publishing                          (vi) Employment Exchange Choose the correct option:

(a) (i) (iv)                                             (b) (ii) (v)

(c) (i) only                                            (d) (v) only

Ans: (c) (i) only 

2.            A company, Kum & Go Limited is undertaking the selection process for its applicants. Its Board of Directors wish to seek some additional information regarding the past performance of some of the applicants. Which two steps of selection process can be used to obtain such information?

(a)          Employment interview and Reference and background checks

(b)          Selection tests and Employment Interview

(c)           Reference and background checks and Job offer

(d)          Job Offer and Contract of employment

Ans: (a) Employment interview and Reference and background checks

3.            If you wish to plan for a year, sow seeds. If you wish to plan for 10 years, plant trees. If you wish to plan for a lifetime, develop people.’ Here, significance of one of the aspects of one of the function of management is highlighted. Identify the function of management.

(a) Planning                                                        (b) Organizing

(c) Staffing                                                          (d) Directing

Ans: (c) Staffing

 4.           Following are the steps of Selection Process, jumbled up. Arrange these steps in Reverse Order.

(i) Selection decision                                      (ii) Contract of employment

(iii) Preliminary screening                             (iv) Selection tests

(v) Reference and background checks    (vi) Employment interview

(vii)        Job offer                                              (viii)       Medical examination

Choose the correct option:

(a) (vii), (ii), (viii), (i), (vi), (v), (iv), (iii)

(b) (ii), (vii), (viii), (i), (v), (vi), (iv), (iii)

(c) (ii), (vii), (viii), (v), (i), (vi), (iv), (iii)

(d) (vii), (ii), (i), (viii), (vi), (v), (iii), (iv)

Ans:       (b) (ii), (vii), (viii), (i), (v), (vi), (iv), (iii)

5.            Which step of staffing process includes defining job standards, appraising performance and providing feedback?

(a) Recruitment                                                                (b) Performance Appraisal

(c) Orientation                                                  (d) Training

Ans:       (b) Performance Appraisal

6.            Given is the list of various activities that are performed as part of Staffing function and/or to be performed by Human Resource Manager. Given that Staffing is part of Human Resource Management, some activities are exclusively performed by Human Resource Department, and do not come under Staffing function. Identify such activities that are exclusively performed by Human Resource Department, and do not come under Staffing function.

(i)   Recruitment                                               (ii) Job Analysis

(iii) Compensation                                           (iv) Training and Development

(v) Maintaining labour relations                                 (vi) Handling complaints and grievances

(vii)        Legal assistance Choose the correct option:

(a) (ii), (v), (vi) and (vii)                                  (b) (v), (vi) and (vii)

(c) (i), (ii), (vi) and (vii)                                   (d) All of above

Ans:       (b) (v), (vi) and (vii)

7.            The work of matching of demand and supply of personnel is done by intermediaries. The following sources of recruitment function as such intermediaries:

(a)          Employment exchange (b)          Placement Agencies and Management Consultants

(c)           Casual Callers                     (d)          Both (a) and (b)

Ans:       (d) Both (a) and (b)

8.            The foundation of any organization is the talented and hardworking people, who are the principal assets of any firm. Therefore, believed that an organization can achieve its objectives only when it has the right persons in the right positions. Which function of management is highlighted here in the above lines.

(a) Planning                                                        (b) Directing

(c) Organising                                                    (d) Staffing

Ans:       (d) Staffing        

9.            works as a tool of training the employees. It is a source of recruitment also. Identify it.

(a) Promotion                                                    (b) Transfer

(c) Casual callers                                               (d) None of the above

Ans:       (b) Transfer       

10.          Which of the following is not an external source of Recruitment?

(a) Transfer                                                        (b) Advertisement

(c) Employment exchange                           (d) Placement agencies

Ans:       (a) Transfer

11.          Which of the following option is correct?

1.            Recruitment is a positive step.

2.            Selection is a negative step.

3.            Recruitment and selection both are part of staffing.

Choose the correct option:

(a) 1 is correct                                                    (b) 2 is correct

(c) Both 1 and 2 are correct                          (d) All are correct

 Ans:      (d)          All are correct

12.          refers to the learning opportunities designed to help the employees to

grow. It involves the growth of the individuals in all respect like personality, maturity, etc.

(a) Training                                                                         (b) Development

(c) Education                                                                      (d) Selection

Ans:       (b) Development

13.          Which of following method of recruitment would be suitable for selection of Senior marketing manager?

(a) Campus Recruitment                                               (b) Direct recruitment

(c) Advertisement                                                           (d) Employment exchange

Ans:       (c) Advertisement          

14.          A bank clerk is shifted from one department to another to have proficiency in different areas. Which method of training has been applied here?

(a) Internship program                                                  (b) Job rotation

(c) Apprenticeship program                                        (d) Vestibule training

Ans:       (b) Job rotation

15.          Which of the following is not the correct difference between training and development?

(a)          Training is job oriented whereas development is career oriented

(b)          Training focuses on skill, whereas development on learning and growth

(c)           Training is narrow concept, whereas development is broader

(d)          Training is long term process, whereas development is short term process

Ans:       (d) Training is long term process, whereas development is short term process

16.          Which of the following is not part of Staffing but is part of Human Resource Management?

(a) Employee welfare                                    (b) Recruitment

(c) Selection                                                       (d) Training

Ans:       (a) Employee welfare   

17.          Which of the following are potentially better external sources of recruitment of an experienced Finance Manager:-

I. News Paper Advertisement    II. Employment Exchange.

III. Web Publishing                          IV. Campus Recruitment Select from the following options:

(a) I and II                                                            (b) II and III

(c) II and IV                                                         (d) I and III

Ans:       (d) I and III

18.          Which of the following is potentially the best method of “on the Job training” for a newly recruited Bank Clerk?

(a) Apprenticeship Programme                                 (b) Vestibule Training

                (c) Induction Training                                                     (d) Internship Training

Ans:       (c) Induction Training