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ICO Results 2023-2024

School Result Student Result



Question. 1:  Can School select both Rounds ?

Answer : Yes, But this option is available while entering the details of students. School need to give options of Rounds against each student.

Question. 2 : Can a student register for Second Round ICO only ?

Answer : No, initially students/schools/educators can register for either First Round or Both the Rounds. Registration for only Second Round will start after completion of First Round.

Question. 3 : Is there any eligibility criteria for attempting ICO for Round-2?

Answer : No, Both Rounds are separate and have no links

Question. 4 : What is the major difference between Round-1 and Round-2 ?

Answer : Round-1 is for encouraging the students, where as Round-2 is a challenging Round. There is the difference of level of difficulty of the questions.

Question. 5 : Can a Student register for Offline ICO also ?

Answer : Sorry a student can not register directly for Offline ICO, but  School can register for you for Offline ICO

Question 6 : Can a Educator or a teacher working in school or coaching centre recommend the students for Olympiad ?

Answer :  Yes, He can do registration for the students. But for Online ICO only.  However he/she will be entitled for honorarium and felicitation for recommending the students.

Question 7. Can a School go for Online and Offline both the modes. Some students are eager for Online and some for Offline. ?

Answer : No, School can go either for Online or Offline. Both the options are not available together. 

Question 8. Can school recommend and pay for the students in parts ?

Answer : Yes, It can register in parts too from the same ID, but honorarium to the school will be calculated as per the students recommended in the First attempt only. So it is advised to register and pay for all the students at one lot only. So registration can be done in parts, but make the payment when all students are registered.

Question .9 : If student appear for both Rounds, which marks will be considered ?

Answer : Both Rounds are independent, so merit for both round will be separate for the prizes and awards.

Question. 10 : If student has registered, but does not appear in exam, will the amount be refunded ?

Answer : Sorry, Once contribution is paid, it will not be refunded.

Question. 11.  Can money be adjusted for other Round of Olympiad ?

Answer :  Sorry, No adjustment allowed .

Question. 12 : When students are registering privately, how to fill  school email id, if school does not share school email id, what to do ?

Answer : It is usually available in all correspondences of the school, even published in school official website also.

Question 13. : Would there be extra charges for Practice questions or Pre-board Sample Papers ?

Answer : No it will be free of cost to all participating students of class XII.

Question 14.: Can a student register from school as well as in personal capacity ?

Answer : No, student has to select only one mode. Either through school or through teacher/Educator or privately only.

Question 15 :  If school is not allowing to participate, but I am keen to participate, how can I ?

Answer : If school is not allowing, you can register privately as student, but it is suggested, that you should convince the school/teacher, as prefer to participate through school. But it will be for online ICO only.

Question 16. Is it possible that for First Round student is enrolled from school, and for other Round student is registering in personal capacity.

Answer : Yes can do, but with different Login credentials like Email Id and Mobile Number.

Question 17. : For Vanijya Shree Award, is it essential that student participate in both Round Olympiad.

Answer :  Since, both rounds are separate, so merit will be made separately. However management committee has discretionary rights to amend the norms.

Question 18. : How a student is benefited by Olympiad ?

Answer : CBSE has introduced MCQs with considerable allotment of marks  and for CUET also, as Olympiad is designed by Highly experienced Commerce teachers, who understand the need of the students. So it is sure that ICO is not only helping in CBSE exams, but also for excelling in CUET.

Question 19 : Does CTF’s Olympiad certificate help in admissions for Higher studies ?

Answer : Yes very much, many prestigious institutions like IIMs, give value to this Olympiad. Not only this it adds the profile of students also. As CTF’s Olympiad is considered to be the Prestigious exam for Commerce students.

Question 20 : What is Combination Based ICO ?

Answer : CTF believes in dynamism in its approach, considering the need of the students. It is now mandatory for the students to appear in CUET for seeking admission in any Central University like Delhi University or any other university. CTF’s ICO is designed in such a way that the students of class XII have an exposure for the competitive exam by appearing in ICO-2023.